FREE CMR Online Generator

CMR online F.A.Q.

Is this CMR online generator for Free?

Yes, is free and you can generate CMR online unlimited times.

What is SuperCMR and why it is shown here?

SuperCMR is a Freemium(Has FREE plan) online CMR generator which provides lots of SUPER useful features. Such as Sender / Carrier / Client information saving, Auto suggest, Sharing, ect. Especially if you generate CMR documents quite often.

How I can generate a CMR document?

Fill in all data into the fields in to the CMR form Add your email and press “Send PDF” or “Download” to create CMR document and its 4 copies (red, blue, green, black). If you press “Send PDF”, CMR waybill will be sent to the added address for example your client or carrier.

Why do you need email address?

We need it for 3 reasons. Firstly – You will be able to send CMR waybill faster to yourself, colleague, client or carrier. Secondly – we might send you some information or promo code to try SuperCMR. No worries, you will be able to unsubscribe. 🙂 Last but not least – to collect usability data for future improvements.

Can I generate an empty CMR pdf document?

Yes you can create and empty CMR pdf waybill, just press on the button “Send PDF” or “Download”. But why doing that if you can easily fill in all the data and create CMR waybill here? 🙂

Does this CMR form is commonly used?

Yes, this CMR form is one of the most popular Cmr notes. Used in most countries which joined the CMR convention. For more information read our Blog articles about CMRs and CMR convention here – .